A clean cut

There are companies where an important family and enthusiasm for a better future create indescribable projects. Like all precious things, the sawmill of Stacco family was born from the care for natural materials and passion for wood, one of the simplest elements, one that shouldn’t be altered. A skilled sight and accuracy in treating the raw material can select, in this case, the perfect wood for each product to be made. The company’s history dates back to the Sixties: after a long working day in other wood firms, the brothers Stacco kept on working hard in a little shelter behind their house. Bit by bit this energy in work touched everybody else in their family and they have established a firm that masters the strong points of raw materials and chooses among the best species from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Planks change rapidly in the hands of those who know every secret of wood, those who have enough patience to wait for natural drying, those who have fought against years passing by and changing economic flows.