The sawmill Stacco srl was founded back in 1966. Its main activity is sawing logs into boards. Certainly it is also the most evocative and fascinating activity: the company can enter the essence of what nature creates and can choose and select boards according to the requests and processing methods.

Besides logs, Stacco also buys European boards from Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Croatia and Slovenia, from 25 mm to 80 mm thick. The processed wood species are beech and ash, but over the years customers have also required oak, cherry, walnut and others.

Another delicate stage of the production process is drying: besides natural seasoning on the partially covered stocking area, the company also has capacious dryers with a computerised system to control humidity of boards and elements.

Semi-finished products based on customers’ samples or drawings are straight or conical shaped elements, depending on requests. All products are monitored during the production system, from choosing the boards to the different stages of drying, sectioning and cutting. The dedicated and skilled staff is able to get the best out of every single board depending on the following processing stages. In recent years, upon customer’s request, Stacco has collaborated with other firms for additional services such as planing, bending, sanding, gluing and assembling.